Osteopathy for All

Osteopathy has something to offer everyone. We see people of all ages, from babies to the elderly and everything in between. We see a diverse range of health issues as well as general neck/back & joint pain. We focus on getting to the root cause of the pain and not just treat the symptoms.

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Cranial Osteopathy

The Cranial Osteopathy treatment approach is not different to Osteopathy but is very gentle and safe for all ages. It follows the principles of Osteopathy but includes the anatomy and physiology of the head.

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Babies & Parents-to-be

Osteopaths understand the effects of pregnancy and birth and the implications this can have on the baby as they grow and develop. Gentle cranial osteopathic treatment is very safe for children of all ages and can be very beneficial in easing tension within their bodies.

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Osteopathy for Children

Cranial osteopathy is suitable for all ages, very gentle and safe. The osteopath will assess your child to see what treatment approach is appropriate. Osteopaths are trained to screen for medical conditions and will tell you if your child needs to see another healthcare practitioner.

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ME/CFS - The Perrin Technique

The Perrin Techniqueâ„¢ is a manual method that aids the diagnosis and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME/CFS and was developed in 1989 by British osteopath and neuroscientist Dr Raymond Perrin DO PhD.

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Acupuncture is one of the longest established forms of healthcare in the world. It originated in China approximately 2,500 years ago and is now practised across the globe.

Massage & Holistic therapies

Eli offers a 30 min sports massage for injury recovery and prevention.

Lucy Orchard offers scar tissue relief massage.

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