I’m very grateful to Rochelle who has helped greatly with my sore back and arm. I’m now feeling much better! I would highly recommend Silver Fern Osteopaths. JL Oct 19

I needed an emergency app and Rochelle was with me within 48 hours. Very gentle, thorough and friendly. I had instant movement back but since my appointment everything has been, quite literally, clicking back into place. I can’t wait for my follow up appointment in 2 weeks. I’d also like to add she did all this with my dog on her feet and 3 year old asking her constant questions¬†ūüėā thank you! HP-W May 2019

Rochelle has helped my back problem and cranial osteopathy has helped to lessen migraine attacks. JR March 2019

I can’t recommend Silver Fern Family Osteopaths enough, specifically Rochelle who has been the biggest support for me towards the end of my pregnancy and following the birth of my little one. I had a problem with my back and pelvis during my pregnancy (causing me to need a wheelchair and crutches) and following an assisted birth was left in very significant pain and severe mobility problems. Rochelle came out to my home to treat me when I was unable to get out of the house. NHS physiotherapists and doctors said there was nothing they could do for me until at least six weeks post birth, but Rochelle was there for me both in the treatment and her supportive words and advice straight away. Even when the NHS were willing to treat me, their regime did nothing for me whereas I could feel the difference following a treatment with Rochelle. She has also helped me greatly with migraines. Rochelle has treated both me and my little one and I trust her completely. I only wish I had gone to see her sooner into the pregnancy so that things may have been easier from the start. I will definitely do so in future. Thank you Rochelle – you have made such a massive difference to our lives and we can never thank you enough. Lisa & Floss. June 2018

Excellent. Very competent and knowledgeable. Explained every part of the treatment. It’s done me a great deal of good. Thank you.

– PB, March 2018.

My back was injured in a road traffic accident in the summer and I required treatment to correct the damage which occurred at impact.¬†¬†I was recommended to Rochelle as an established and fully qualified Osteopath to help with my recovery.¬† I have found Rochelle to be approachable, professional and empathetic, understanding the medical and emotional aspects of my injury.¬† Rochelle has extensive knowledge in understanding the body and took time to explain why I was in pain and the areas of my back that were affected complete with next steps to alleviate discomfort and help heal the areas.¬† Rochelle then followed a structured approach with regular sessions of treatment, frequently assessing progress along the way.¬† I felt consulted and involved throughout the programme.¬† After each session I experienced a notable improvement in my back and my mobility, which had a cumulative effect over the course of the programme (and beyond).¬† Three months on I am now much better, having benefited from Rochelle’s diligent approach and I have no hesitation in recommending her quality Osteopath service. – Andrew, September 2015

Having endured weeks of pained screaming, and with a diagnosis of milk allergy, I was somewhat desperate to get help for my baby daughter.

One call to Rochelle and she could literally hear my little girl screaming in the other room. I was so relieved when she explained how she could help.
We attended the clinic two days following that initial phone call and discussed all the possible reasons behind such distress in my daughter. She literally cried and cried for around six weeks solid.
As soon as Rochelle began the treatment, it was as if a huge tension was being lifted and we even got a smile and a gurgle out of my little girl, an absolute milestone in her few short weeks.
We attended 3 sessions in total and by the end of the course of treatment,¬†everyone in our life commented on the difference in our daughter’s¬†temperament and mood.
I can’t thank or recommend Rochelle enough for her help and sheer¬†understanding and most importantly for giving our daughter the treatment she¬†needed for the best start in life.
– J K

Rochelle was recommended to me as my 8 week old had a very unsettled tummy and nothing was helping. He wouldn’t lie flat and was always unsettled no matter what position I put him in.

Rochelle is very friendly, explains everything to you and was great with my baby.
After the first session, he was a little more unsettled, but the next day, there was a definite improvement. During the 2nd session, my baby gave his 1st smile!
It really helped him, and it is worth every penny. I have just had my 2nd baby and will be going to see Rochelle asap!

– Emma