Babies & Parents-to-be


A newborn baby is such a wonderful and joyous time, but their arrival, despite it being one of the most natural things in the world, doesn’t always go the way we plan.

One of the principles of Osteopathy is that the structure and function of the body are intimately related. If there is tension within the structure then the function can be affected.

Osteopaths understand the effects of pregnancy and birth and the implications this can have on the baby as they grow and develop. Gentle cranial osteopathic treatment is very safe for children of all ages and can be very beneficial in easing tension within their bodies.




Pregnancy is such an exciting time in our lives.

The body goes through significant changes to allow for the growth of the baby.  These changes to the spine, pelvis, hips and abdomen can cause mum to experience aches and pains.

Osteopaths are experienced in assessing and offering treatment to help the body accommodate these changes, and prepare for the baby’s arrival.