Appointments & Prices

Please make payment at each appointment. We have a card machine in clinic or you can

pay at the time of making an online booking. Alternatively, there are links for payment/bank

transfer in your appointment confirmation email.


Rochelle Morfill


Initial Osteopathy Consultation & Treatment (60-75 mins) – £75 (This includes Babies/Children/Perrin/Cranial).

Follow up Osteopathy appointments (30-40 mins) – £49 (increasing to 50 from 1st April) (includes Babies/Children/Perrin/Cranial).

Reassessment – for existing clients who haven’t been for more than 2 years (60-75mins) – £65.


Parent & Baby combined appointments with Rochelle

Initial combined Osteopathy Consultation & Treatment – £85.

Follow up combined Osteopathy treatment – £70.

Baby or Parent only – £50 (as of 1st April).

Eli Matthews


Initial Osteopathy Consultation & Treatment (60 mins) – £55.

Follow up Osteopathy appointments (30-40 mins) – £45 (increasing to 47 from 1st April).

Reassessment (60 mins) – £48.

Sports Massage (30 mins) – £35.


Anne Bradshaw

Pregnancy Massage (30 mins) – 50.

Relaxation Massage – female only (30 mins) – 50.


Cancellation Policy

If either of us is unable to keep our appointment, every attempt should be made to make contact to cancel prior to the time. We will call you if necessary and you can ring this number 01386 304128 to cancel. Please note that there may be people on a cancellation list that could benefit from the appointment if you’re not able to make it.


Many medical insurance companies reimburse fees paid for Osteopathic treatment. Please check with your insurer prior to treatment as some require referral by a GP. If you are not sure if a problem is suitable for Osteopathic treatment, please call and speak with us.